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Best Prelims Test Series 2021 | Goaltide IAS


We are happy to announce that as we have entered in the second year of our initiative, we are launching a comprehensive Test Series, which not only will give you confidence, will also take your preparation to another level and help you to clear this examination.

Ok, before discussing anything, have a look at your exam dates. Very important. So, we can see our UPSC Prelims exam will be conducted on 27 June 2021. So, we will complete all our GS Tests for Prelims Exam by 27-30 May 2021.

Now, this has been shifted to 10th October. You got enough time to complete all tests.

Now, few important points you have to keep in mind:

You have to prepare your basic. We are not going to complete your syllabus through Test Series. No spoon-feeding here. Each and Every question will test your knowledge, your clarity, and your understanding of the topic. We are never going to ask you basic simple questions. If you want to solve basic questions and NCERTs questions, just download papers online. There are plenty of such papers available.

Ok, you have full right to knowdifference between Goaltide Prelims Test Series and Test Series of other institutions.

The one big mistake in UPSC we do is we don’t have patience. We want to practice as much practice papers as much we can. We will complete papers of two, three big institutions (with due respect) without understanding what we really going to gain from it. So, these papers are not good? No, we didn’t say that.

These papers (of other institutions) will help you to:

  1. Revision of all subjects. Whether the topic is relevant or not, they will cover all of them. Will you be able to revise 40 Papers that consists of at least 50 percent basic and irrelevant questions? When you revise such questions one month before the exam, is it not a wastage of your time? Please rethink.
  2. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that you have completed your syllabus. But this is not the requirement of the exam. UPSC wants from you- Knowledge, skill, approach, patience, all in one paper.A simple formula you need to follow to clear Prelims Exam:

P + P = Prelims Exam

Practice Questions + Practice good Questions = Prelims

So, where these Test Papers lack? What are the consequences? Read carefully.

  1. It will never ever prepare you for the testyou are going to take in examination hall.
  2. You can never gauge your performance based on the scores of these Tests (solving irrelevant questions makes no sense)
  3. Before examination, you have to deal with all irrelevant topics in these papers while revising.

What its consequences are:

  1. Wastage of Time
  2. More and more such simple and vague statements, you just end up yourself practicing questions, not at par with UPSC Standard.
  3. You will find it difficult to face good paper (relevant paper), irrelevant questions can make paper tough. You think it is great Paper. Be careful.
  4. Zero UPSC Prelims Practice Preparation.
  5. Wastage of money for the year again.

So, what to do if so many Problems? Who will help us? Its, Goaltide Prelims IAS Academy. A fully dedicated Platform UPSC Prelims Preparation.

Why you should join Goaltide Prelims Test Series?

  1. Complete coverage of all important current affairs from June to September. Nothing important will be left.
  2. Apart from all basic questions (which you can easily solve), we will train you with all difficult questions, all small concepts and approaches.
  3. Every Test Paper will be a challenge to you, and it will force you to solve questions with full focus and concentration.
  4. We can assure you no one will give you such an effective Test Series at this price, Its affordable.
  5. After Practicing here, you will get ample of confidence and you can easily get through UPSC Prelims Exam.
  6. A very new friendly interface platform for Test Series.
  7. You can download PDFs for every Test: Questions and Solutions separately. Easy to revise.
  8. A very Doubts section- Mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Call.

Structure of Test is very Important:

There will be total 44 Tests (All GS Tests will be completed one month before Exam. So, you can Practice CSAT Papers in final month of your exam).

Dates are Schedule are as follows:

Test No.




Polity (50)



Polity (50)


Polity (50)


Polity (50)


Polity (50)


June + July (CA) (100)


History (50)


History (50)


History (50)


History (50)


History (50)


August + September (CA) (100)


Environment (50)


Environment (50)


Environment (50)


October + November (CA) (100)


    Economics (50)


    Economics (50)


    Economics (50)


Economics (50)


December+ January CA (100)


Polity (50)


Geography (50)


 History (50)


Geography (50)


Map Based Questions (50)


Science and Technology (50)

We will cover Science and Tech Tests by September.


Science and Technology (50)

We will cover Science and Tech Tests by September.

Map Based Questions (50)


February+ March CA (100)


Full Length-1 (100)


Full Length-2 (100)


Full Length-3 (100)

31 July, 2021


Full Length-4 (100)

31 July 2021


Budget+ Economic Survey (100)

10 August 2021


Full Length-6 (100)

23 August 2021


Full Length-7 (100)

3 September 2021


Full Length-8 (100)

15 September 2021


April and May (CA) (100)



CSAT (80)

10 September 2021


CSAT (80)

17 September 2021

CSAT (80)

19 September 2021

CSAT (80)

22 September 2021

CSAT (80)

26 September 2021

Subject wise count of Questions:

General Studies

Polity (6 tests * 50) = 300 Questions

History (6 tests * 50) = 300 Questions

Environment (3* 50) = 150 Questions

Economics (4* 50) = 200 Questions

Geography (2*50) = 100 Questions

Current Affairs (6*100) = 600 Questions

Science and Tech (2* 50) = 100 Questions

Map Based Questions (2* 50) = 100 Questions

Full Length Papers (8* 100) = 800 Questions

Total Number of Questions = 2650 Questions

If you count Daily Quiz questions, we will have 2000 more number of Questions, Approx., total we will have around 4500 Questions for Prelims 2021 Exam.



So, total you will be having =

2000 (Daily Quiz) + 2650 (GS TEST SERIES) = 4500 UPSC GS PRELIMS 2021 QUESTIONS.

“Believe me, this will be more than enough for your complete Preparation.


Why this Pattern?

If you carefully observe the structure, you will find 25 Test Papers of 50 Marks + 14 Papers of 100 Marks (you can also count total as 25 Tests of 100 Marks).

When we are taking tests based on specific subjects, our aim is that every question becomes challenge for you. Your concept for that particular topic is clear. If you can solve this paper and score more than average marks, you are on right path. Believe us. We formulate paper in such way.

Putting 100 such question on a single day, you won’t be able you put same energy continuous for 100 questions (if it is full length paper, it can be possible). And believe me, what you see in markets, every Test Paper of 100 marks, you will hardly find 25-30 good questions, because their aim is Quantity, NOT QUALITY. We will ask you 50, but its impact on you will be far greater than Paper consisting 100 Questions.

Secondly, when your exam is near, it is good to revise good, important and tricky questions rather than going through simple and irrelevant question. 50 Questions based Test Paper will be easy to revise, will give you confidence. 100 Questions Paper, neither you revise, nor you get time in the end to see again.

Third, if students are new, it is very difficult for them to practice 100 questions in one go. It takes time for them to settle, and that’s why here, they will get the best option to survive here and win the battle.

So, why we are taking, 14 Full Length Test Papers?

After Practicing 25 Test Papers, you will gain momentum, confidence and its time then to move one step ahead. 25 Test Papers are divided into two categories:

We have given 6 Papers of Current Affairs section of 100 marks each because:

  1. Current Affairs section is important Part of exam. So, you need to practice good number of questions related to CA Section.
  2. After solving subject specific papers, you need change, and at the same time need to move one step ahead. Change will be Current Affairs section and jump from 50 to 100 Questions will be your next move.From here, you will start gaining confidence in CA section too.

Then we will have 8 Test Papers,

It will be Full length Comprehensive Test Series. This will be your Real test. After solving 25 Papers (50 marks) and 600 Current Affairs Questions, you are in the position to attain a UPSC Standard Paper.

We will clear all your doubts within three days of Tests. That’s our Promise.


Now, very important thing you need to follow now. Understand the UPSC now.

Every year, 100 questions are there in UPSC.

  1. 35-40 Questions, you will be sure about
  2. 15-20 questions, you will be having trouble in elimination with two options left.
  3. 10-12 Questions, only one options you will be able to eliminate, rest three will be a challenge.
  4. 25-30 Questions, you will be hearing it first time or very difficult questions.

You focus should be a and b, i.e. Accuracy (a) + choose answer between two options (b). In extreme case, you will jump for third category, i.e. finding answers from three options.

What is the best way to cover problem in UPSC Prelims? LEARN TO FACE UNCERTAINITY. How to face uncertainty? Go to test with whatever preparation you have. Don’t bother to complete syllabus and give Test. This is not your school exam. You need syllabus before each paper.

You have to prepare in such a way that you can’t get trapped in Prelims exam. We will take care of this. Just give us your 6 months.

Here, we will give you some clarity on syllabus of Test Papers now. We will give you you syllabus of every Test two weeks before every Test.  We have total 44 Tests.

  1. 600 Questions (6 Paper for complete Current Affairs Test) = No need of any Syllabus.
  2. 8 Full Length Paper = No need of Syllabus
  3. Economics (4 Paper + Economic Survey+ Budget) = Questions are conceptual based. Basics from NCERTs and clarity on topics. You really don’t need any syllabus
  4. Environment (300 Questions) = We will cover all Acts, Rules and all tricky and environment related Questions which are important for exam. Other than this, you have to use your brain.
  5. Geography (100 Questions) = All important topics and concepts from various topics will be discussed. Full Length Papers too include questions from these subjects. So, don’t worry.
  6. Science and Technology: All application-based questions will cover this Part.
  7. Polity (300 Questions) = If you cover all 300 Questions, you won’t be left with any difficult topic. We are not going to cover basic questions from here.It will be covered from beginning Lakshmikanth till end. Study in that sequence.
  8. History: 300 Questions. Topics are vast and books are not defned. We will divide History into 6 sectional Tests. Cover your NCERTs and whatever we provide you in Tests.

Why you don’t need to focus much on syllabus?

You are preparing for UPSC Exam. You have so many things to study. If we keep particular syllabus for a test, for example, but on the same day you have other tests for say, Mains, Optional, CSAT or you have to read something else, you will not be prepared well in your mind for that day test. And you will show leniency in Paper. BE READT FOR ANY TEST. START TEST WITH FULL CONFIDENCE. Believe me, you don’t need any syllabus. And besides, on the basis on my experience, no one follows test schedule.

Most of the subjects (Economics, Environment, Geography Paper) are based on concepts you read in NCERTs and very few from other books. You don’t need syllabus. It won’t be a big issue. Still, many good institutions in India, never keep syllabus.

Ready to move now? JUMP TO FEES STRUCTURE.

Fees Structure:

In 2020, we have rolled out Two Test Series. We always believe that pricing should be in a way every individual can participate. This time too we have taken this care of.

The kind of effort and Quality we put in; we have fixed the price for this session is @4500Rs and 5000 (with CSAT). Don’t even once think of money, it will pay off. Believe me.

Any Queries for Test Series, call us or mail us:



Past Feedbacks:

Just few feedbacks of our Last Test Series: We workday-night just to give you best. You still find it untrue, please solve our Daily Quizzes.Won’t disappoint.