We are very happy to announce that we have entered the sixth year of thisinitiative and are launching the best Prelims Test Series for UPSC Prelims Exam 2025. It will not only give you confidence but will also take your preparation to another level and help you to clear this examination.

Before proceeding, we will see our exam date:

You have enough time,

You have strong will power,

You are working hard,

‘If I provide you the best practice from the beginning, there is no single reason you should fail in UPSC Prelims 2025. Just you need to follow us.

Wedonot want you to go wrong at this phase (choosing right platform for practice) of your preparation, that is why we have brought GOALTIDE PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2025.

How we help students to clear Prelims Exam?

First, I want to provide you some numbers. Every year, 70 percent of our students are those who are not able to clear Prelims in previous attempts. They come to me after they are tired from everywhere.

Abhijit Ray (Rank 50, 2021), first time cleared Prelims in 2021 after he joined Goaltide series,

Jyoti, IAS, 2021 BATCH, She Cleared Prelims after 4 attempts, first time after she joined Goaltide,

Arjun Gupta (Rank 32, 2023), he joined Goaltide in very first attempt and cleared,

Swati Sharma, rank 17, after she failed twice, she joined us in 2024 first time and cleared Prelims,

Shubham D (Rank 963, 2023), he never failed in Prelims for last 4 years after he joined Goaltide, and many more examples… (we have interview of all above mentioned students on our platform).

‘There is no miracle. It is just giving best practice to them for Prelims on daily basis.’

“Five strategies” we follow to help you clear Prelims:
P + P = Prelims Exam(‘Practice’ Questions + ‘Practicing’ good questions = ‘Prelims’ exam.)

We will learn entire Prelims in the form of questions from ‘scratch to advance’. Every day and every week, we are going to solve questions. We need a very good practice if we want clear Prelims. In the end, for Prelims, they ask you questions, not theory. My entire focus is to give you questions from every corner. We have beautifully designed syllabus and schedule; you need to follow that.

Newspaper is Everything

Ye aapka sab kuchh..

Nothing in this UPSC journey will replace your newspaper. If someone says, they can, immediately replace them.This is the first time; we will have weekly Prelims sessions where I will be providing Prelims document from important Articles and taking sessions on how to make Prelims notes from newspaper.

Current-Affairs Section

We will complete entire Current Affairs from Prelims from June 2024 to April 2025. For this we will provide you three important documents:

  • a. Weekly Current Affairs magazine.
  • b. For every month from June to April 2025, we have included Test in our Test Series.
  • c. Compilations of questions based on Current Affairs weekly.

You entire Current Affairs will be covered from basics to scratch.

Revision Tests and ‘Abhyaas’ Tests

You will never get time to revise. Because once your optional will start, you will be busy entire day.

This is the first time I have kept revision tests for you. For every subject we have revision tests. I do not want to leave you with any flaw or weak point. The revision tests will be based on the questions you have solved on our websites with few modifications if needed.

“Abhyaas Tests” will be conducted frequently throughout session to help you with the revision.

One-to-one mentorship

Aapchahekitnebhi smart h, aapzameen par giroge after every one or two month and then you need someone to lift you.

This is where you all are misguided. Anywhere you join, they will talk about one-to-one mentorship.

I can assure you, entire year whenever you need me, I will be there. I took this year more than 200 one-to-one sessions whenever student required. This is of great help.

Why students should join Goaltide? Why it is different from other institutions?

Sometimes I feel why not every student joining Goaltide? This is the very first academy in India which deals “only with Prelims exam”. For the last five year, we are working day and night only for Prelims.

I have personally designed this academy for Prelims due to following reason:

  • a. This is the most difficult phase of you UPSC. Mains main fail ho jaoge, no one will question you.But if you are consistently failing in Prelims, you will doubt yourself, everyone will doubt your eligibility.
  • b. 90 percent of you are failing in Prelims because neither you are practicing, nor you are getting right thing to practice.
  • c. Zero mentorship. Kuch bhi, kbhi bhi aap padhe jaa rhe h, without any strategies, targets.

We find two major problems with Test Series available in markets:

  • a. Most of the questions are outdated. No relevancein today’s scenario.
  • b. There is huge gap between available Test Series and UPSC asked questions. You will never be able to prepare yourself with the help of such questions.
But why most of the students practice them?
  • a. It’s a brand now. Students are bound to choose them.
  • b. Huge advertisements. They influence students.
  • c. Large number of Tests. It attracts students.
So, where these Test Papers lack? What are the consequences? Read carefully.
  • a. It will never ever prepare you for the test that you are going to take in examination hall.
  • b. You can never gauge your performance based on the scores of these Tests (solving irrelevant questions makes no sense)
  • c. Before examination, you have to deal with all irrelevant topics in these papers while revising.
So, now tell us what makes Goaltide different form other Test Series?

A basic principle we follow, we don’t go for any speculation of any pattern for upcoming exam. For us, every subject, every topic is important.

We are not conducting these test series to make you “feel good”. We want to demotivate you, trouble you, grill you in every question you solve. Believe us, if we don’t do this, you are not going to improve or learn the required thing.

Four important things which we will focus:
  • 1. Our questions will not only try to fail you at every step but also give you the best learning from it. We believe you must fail many times before the exam, that is the best learning from any Test Series.
  • 2. A simple principle you must follow: Practice less but quality questions. Askingmany tests will contain outdated and irrelevant questions. What we will provide you one Test (50 questions), you will never learn such concepts from anywhere. Concepts and clarity are very important to understand this exam.
  • 3. The test series which don’t provide quality explanations and carry your doubts, just discard them. They are of no use.
  • 4. A sense of CONFIDENCE. The best review we get from our students are: Sir, the paper was tough but our confidence was well enough to handle such questions. And they all cleared Prelims.
Once you enroll for Test Series, what all things will be provided?
  • a. You will be able to give online tests.
  • b. You will be provided with two PDFs. One of question paperand the other with Questions and Solutions both for every test. It is downloadable.
  • c. Tests are not time bound. You can give any test any time.
  • d. Daily Quiz and Current Affairs compilations. Downloadable.
  • e. One to one mentorship whenever needed by you.
  • f. Whenever you join Test Series, you will get all the test from the very beginning.
  • g. We can assure you no one will give you such an effective Test Series at this price which is so affordable.
  • h. A Doubts section to solve all your queries.

Entire document is written by me. I mean every word I mentioned above.

Abhishek sir, Founder, Goaltide IAS

Thank You,