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Nov 30, 2023

Current Affair 1:
Latest World Malaria Report


We will see images and learn.

In 2022, India accounted for 66% of malaria cases in the WHO South-East Asia Region noted the new — 2023 World Malaria Report — published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Four countries accounted for almost half of all cases: Nigeria (26.6%), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (12.3%), Uganda (5.1%) and Mozambique (4.1%).

If we consider South-East Asia Region, here we will talk about India.

The WHO South-East Asia Region accounted for about 2% of malaria cases globally while malaria cases declined by 76%, from 23 million in 2000 to about five million in 2022.

Sri Lanka was certified malaria free in 2016. Timor-Leste reported zero indigenous cases in 2021. India accounted for about 83% of all malaria deaths in this region in 2021.

Current Affair 2:
Investor Risk Reduction Access (IRRA) platform


Recently, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has launched the Investor Risk Reduction Access (IRRA) in order to provide a ‘safety net’ for investors in case of technical glitches faced by a trading member or a stock broker.

Why IRRA? Read:

Current Affair 3:
A central sector scheme to provide drones to women self-help groups (SHGs)



The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has approved Central Sector Scheme for providing Drones to the Women Self Help Groups (SHGs), with an outlay of Rs. 1261 Crore for the period from 2024-25 to 2025-26.

The Union Government will provide 15,000 progressive women self-help groups (SHG) with drones to be rented out to farmers for agricultural purposes. The drone services are envisaged to be used by the farmers for Nano fertilizer and pesticide applications.

The self-help groups would be identified from the total 89 lakh SHGs formed under the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana.

The scheme will help infusing advance technology in agriculture for improved efficiency, enhance crop yield and reduced cost of operation for the benefit of farmers.

The women’s groups would get a Central financial assistance at 80% of the cost of drone. For example, if the cost of drone is Rs. 10 lakh and a SHG is purchasing a drone then Centre will give Rs. 8 lakh and then this drone can be rented by the SHGs to farmers and they (SHGs) can earn rental income.

Current Affair 4:
Casgevy and Lyfgenia


 U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved two milestone treatments, Casgevy and Lyfgenia, representing the first cell-based gene therapies for the treatment of sickle cell disease (SCD) in patients 12 years and older. Additionally, one of these therapies, Casgevy, is the first FDA-approved treatment to utilize a type of novel genome editing technology, signaling an innovative advancement in the field of gene therapy.

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